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Chaotic situation was finally in check, to capture the Huai Army soldiers mob put up a long list of criminals back, for the hills they come to Perth. Over the Huai army kept the criminal was captured by soldiers punched and loud cries. Interpreters in-front to share with the qiupo, but he's regardless how you peer at these smiling despair don't look anything just like a felon-to obviously have a lot of thugs, such explosion of needless, the other or two sound ringing lest qiupo their lives, don't possess one!
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 In accordance with the Moon Shadow Dragons, another Missy General Feng is much more dangerous, and therefore more high maintenance.
Did not expect, is a master of light, knowledge is good, whole Green pools could be under control. Tune in to this voice, she was small, and there was clearly this magic, quite simple!
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"But I will blame myself. "Lu Xiaofeng said.
"Inside out! The other way up! Closing soon! "Several gallant army utility followed Wang, suddenly saw their head was flying crossbow arrows, suddenly fearful of God, an order like, greets another surnamed Wang's body was dragged, Secretary Yamen rushed toward the front from the Hall, and introducing people hurrying to shut.
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 Alvan Adam promise to transmit me temples about the mountain, however it will not stop half a lion on my anger and hate, I was forbidden to ride on sea Firth's body, have also been a large band of big, truculent and half lion NPC Chinese insiders push forward, the scene was like escorting prisoners.
Wind a nod, he and Lin Feiwen session came in College, himself heard Lin Feiwen naturally heard the rumors.
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